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We solve highly critical business issues for companies by utilizing technology, data analysis, a proven methodology, and decades of experience delivering solutions to the Global Fortune 1000.

Our Approach

Addressing your critical needs

We work with you to assess your needs, gather the supporting data, define a roadmap and prioritize it, then ensure rapid delivery of the solutions.

Delivering innovative solutions

Our people are highly experienced in multiple technology fields. We bring that experience to bear with a vast toolkit that will address the entire ecosystem around a given issue, and ensure rapid delivery of that solution.

Transforming your business

Business needs to evolve as customer requirements change. We help you effectively transform your business to stay ahead of those changes.

Accelerating business growth

We help businesses get to a stable point so that they can implement a transformation plan into a true DevOps model. This in turn helps the business generate new revenue and grow.

Why we are different

Catapult Technology Services (CTS), previously known as Tek Advisory Group (before acquisition) is an elite level service that provides expertise in end-to-end business problem discovery and resolution. We specialize in solving complex technology problems for the Fortune 1000 and government agencies. The business was originally formed by Taber West (former CTO) and Richard A Negron (Sr Executive of Third-Party Advisory) for a $25B digital service provider. Back in May 2021, after two years of operation, Tek Advisory Group was purchased by Catapult Solutions Group, a Texas based company. The acquisition enhances the delivery capability to our clients and expands our team to better align with the industry demands. Our team composition span 30 years in engineering and systems architecture delivering projects for various agencies and global companies

For the last several years we have specialized in architecting and developing solutions for hundreds of clients with projects valued at well over $100 million each. That experience has led to the development of a methodology that rapidly identifies business problems for the client, then provides a full service solution, transformation, and delivery of the solutions for those problems. This type of engagement doesn’t currently exist in the industry, where the majority of problems are sent out for RFP, and often the resulting contracts do not deliver the promised results. We understand how to break these RFPs apart and deliver the transformation that the client is truly seeking.

Core Services

For a large Aerospace & Defense client – We performed a complete discovery and inventory of the client’s enterprise IT environments, then identified problem areas and created remediation projects around each identified area.

Consulted with multiple companies and firms on a variety of technology and business topics including innovation, software development, cyber security, digital transformation, legacy  migration, deal pursuits, product design, and custom engineering.

Currently performing mainframe modernization project on one of the largest remaining mainframe environments in the world. This includes assessment, optimization, re-hosting, app re-write, and cloud migration.

At one of the largest energy companies – Providing critical security assessment and patching of Enterprise Oracle systems, including Exadata and Super Clusters. This includes development and production systems.

For large Aerospace & Defense client –  Provided complete assessment of existing networking, security, Active Directory, virtual systems, and Citrix farm.  Produced architecture and project plans for remediation of existing environment and modernization of both the AD and the Citrix farm. 

Consolidate 20 datacenters for a large US based utility company including, infrastructure optimization, networking upgrades, physical and cyber security, and evaluating and transforming all workloads into a hybrid cloud model.

Through our staffing and recruiting capabilities, we have been able to deliver 150 subject matter experts in a month, to a large Alaska Native Company that is a critical Federal supplier of engineering and IT services.

Our customer engagement process

Client engagement and discovery

We begin a client engagement with a collaborative session to determine the client's exact business needs, limitations, and what issues they are experiencing. We then work with the client to understand and map their vision for what they would like their business to look like going forward.

Data collection and review

We then perform a detailed data collection and review with the client to determine a plan of action and project scope.

Project planning

With data collected and analyzed we plan out the scope and duration of the transformation project.

Architecture & engineering

The next step is the determination of applicable solutions and the development of a reference architecture and implementation plan.

Resource assignment

At this stage the proper resources can be determined for the project and assigned to begin work.

Project delivery

When a project is started by CTS we will ensure that it is completed successfully. We can supply quality people and resources for short or long term projects depending on client needs.

Our Solutions

The only zero trust platform that securely connects any user, any device, and any app over any network

Zscaler consolidates your stacks of gateway security appliances into integrated, cloud-based security services. Since it’s security as a service, there’s no physical or virtual hardware to deploy or manage, so getting started is simple. You can deploy our services in minutes, and they can easily grow with your security needs.

Transforming Medical Care, With Just One Touch

Core Mobile’s solution brings all stages of the care process onto a single user interface for patients, providers, health authorities and governments. By streamlining all stages of the care process and leveraging a powerful analytics system, Core Mobile transforms patient outcomes.

Stop Cybersecurity Loss by Getting at the Sources of Risk

Get the only cybersecurity risk management platform that allows mastery of risk in financial terms – putting you ahead of losses before they can damage your business.

Dynamic Cyber Security and Risk Management Solution

We have the ability to combine risk management professional services with software to deliver a vertically integrated view of risk, starting with an organization’s strategy through its business operations, and ultimately into the enabling technology assets.

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